Runway to the street


We’ve seen models on the runway, actresses on the ramp carry off the sheer something with so much poise and grace. They make it look so effortless. But the way these people sport their all sheer look, going with the bare minimum inside is something I’m personally not comfortable with nor do I have the right figure for it. But worry not, that’s not the only way you get to wear it. I’ll be sharing a couple of styling tips to make your sheer something look sexy even without going all natural inside:

1) Team it with a black or a white semi-transparent slip depending on what you’re wearing.
2) Avoid coloured slips and stick to the classics, the coloured might not give you the desired look and look shabby.
3) pair up your sheer something with a blazer, a skirt or an oversized t-shirt. The combination of a hard vs. soft elements usually makes for striking results.
4) Go with a matching bodysuit for a super feminine look.
5) Make sure you balance out the sheer if it’s a day look. Go for a solid bottom if you have a sheer top or vice versa
6) Give your sheer a floral touch for an elegant touch plus it’s the trend of the season. Embroidered floral prints would work even better.

For my look, I went for this delicate piece from Only. And paired it up with nude coloured heels and a red bag for some pop. Kept the makeup to a minimal. Do get yours today and follow these tips to make heads turn your way.

I’m wearing
Dress from Only
Shoes and bag from Steve Madden

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