The unexpected shade.


After a month of wedding planning and dedicating all my time being a bridesmaid, I’m finally free and have time to write this blog post and I’m really happy to be doing this again.
This post is something I hadn’t planned and the outfit just came together. I was heading for a brunch with my college girls and wore the first thing I saw.B

Being a messy person has it’s perks, you find things in your wardrobe you had forgotten about and bring a new outfit to life by doing so. Not just that but the shoot wasn’t planned either. We shot this on my one plus 5 and I was so happy with the results that I had to post this. I love how I could carry off 3 different colors at the same time and make it look effortless. This is such a great look for summers and a look that screams out witty and exciting.

Not just the summers but a great look for gloomy monsoon days as well. So add some color to your life by trying out this look.

I’m wearing
Top from Forever 21
Cullotes from SimplyModaShop (shop here)
Heels from Stush (New Delhi)
Bag from Forever new


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