Fall 2017 is shining bright.


Sequence and sparkles have never been my favorite. Being a 90’s kid I grew up loving the minimalist look and a fondness to embrace my experimental side from time to time. I used to dread the 70’s era and their love for everything bling, big hair and loud makeup. 

While trends have a way of coming back being bigger and better. Sequence and a hell lot of bling is being accepted with open arms. Fall of 2017 is all about bling. Brands from Tom Ford to Carolina Herrera all of them are sporting bling this season.

So I decided to try it myself and I can gladly say that I love bling. I’ve always loved being the center of attention and this dress definitely made me one. The best part about silver sequence is that you can pair it up with any color. I used a pink and orange double lip shade, with pink statement stilletos and big hair to give it a 70’s touch. I tried to bring out the best version of the 70’s bling era. You should try it yourself and let the inner you sparkle.

I’m wearing

Dress from Forever New
Heels from London.



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