Diwali with Palam Silks


As a kid, I used to sneak into my mom’s dressing room to get my hands on her sarees and makeup. I loved playing dress up in them. Being a North Indian my mom never had a big collection of silk sarees, the few she had always mesmerized me. The color on them, how beautiful they looked under the sun and sparkled to all it’s glory. So when I was asked to collaborate with Palam Silks I was taken back in time. I was so excited to try out their festive collection which was divided into four. Their Vista collection followed by Magna, Spectra and corporate. My favorite had to be Vista for it’s picturesque and parannomic prints and corporate for it’s bright and breathtaking colors that merged together to give you the best.

_IMG_000000_000000_1And this wasn’t all, I loved the fact that palam silk sarees are not just for the older generation, but they can be worn by all. And always having an experimental side to me, this was the perfect opportunity to get the best out of the brand. As you can see all my looks were styled in a very contemporary manner and I loved the fact that these sarees went so well with the style I was going for. So what better time than Diwali to experiment with your favorite saree brand Palam Silks? Get your hands on the collection today.

I’m wearing

Sarees from Palam Silks



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