Fight your own Battle.


Has there been a time in your life when you’ve felt alone? Felt that you’re on your own with nobody on your side? I surely have. It’s not a good feeling and definitely not something you want to experience. You don’t just feel alone and sad, but angry at the same time. Angry as to why it’s happening to you and why everyone is always against you. Why you’re always the bad person? There can be hundred reasons. Maybe you did something to piss them off, they don’t like the way you talk or do things, they’re jealous of you or maybe it’s just them and not you. Maybe it’s their problem all together.
One thing I’ve learnt from all these experiences is it’s not your problem. Yes, you can try to talk it out and fix things, but after that it’s not up to you. You’ve done your part and you need to find your peace.
Fighting your own battle does not mean you need to give it so much that it drains you not only physically but mentally as well. The best thing to do sometimes is learn how to let go of it. Fight for it till you think it’s worth and then smile and let it pass. I’ve learnt this the hard way, I used to be upset of every little thing, but now I’m as positive as I can ever be. If someone is going to hold you back or put you down maybe it’s time to let them go. Always remember you can fight by letting go. Fight for your peace of mind. Fight for you being happy.


This blog post is my way of showing this exactly. I’ve had a lot of “so called friends” criticize me and laugh behind my back for my style and they way I do things. And this is me not giving a damn and doing what I love . Hope you guys love it as much as I do.

Styling tip.

I wore the long shirt as a jacket over a black textured top and paper bag waist shorts. I added fish net socks to the look to give it an edge and braided hair for a clean and bold look. Try it yourself

I’m wearing

Jacket/shirt from
Shorts from simplymodashop
Top from Zara
Heels from Aldo
Fishnet socks made by cutting up fish net stockings


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