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I’ve always loved standing out of the crowd. The words “Blending In” were never in my dictionary. And this is how I did that:

1. Stood out from my family as I was the first one to get into the creative field. Even though in the beginning I didn’t get the support. ( I fought for a very long time to study fashion outside Chennai)

2. Stood out from my friends for the same reason and got all the support I needed from them

3. I was one of the first ones to start blogging in Chennai and teaching fashion styling at INIFD . That definitely worked as an advantage. ( Started teaching since nobody else in Chennai taught the course)

My work helped me stand out and made me who I am today. A decision that was made in a jiffy turned out to be the most awarding thing in life. And I’m so blessed for that.


And standing out of the crowd implies to my dressing as well. I’ve always been a little experimental with my style and loved being out of the box. Be it my clothing, accessories or my makeup, something always has to stand out.
In this look I paired an off shoulder white jumpsuit with statement earrings and bold eye makeup to step up the simplicity of the jumpsuit with some edge.
This is something I would do for a cocktail party, a bachelorette or just a night out. But always remember confidence is the key, I can’t REPEAT this enough. With confidence you can carry off a plastic bag as well. So keep it stylish.

I’m wearing

Jumpsuit from simplymodashop. (
Belt and earrings from
Bag from Gucci
Watch from Michael Kors


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