What can a day change?


A lot of us ask this question, what can a day change? I was one of those people. The minute the clock striked 00:00 hours on 31st December 2017 it should’ve suddenly made all the difference because a new year has begun. It’s the start of a new chapter, start of new beginnings. We have to suddenly change everything wrong we’ve done and become this perfect person in a day. We all take it as a restart button. Oh! Wouldn’t we love a restart button? Something we could do again, a situation we could change in our life or a moment we could live again. But what happens on January 1st 2018 that we decide to become this person , like we are rising from the ashes of a phoenix . Can I burst your bubble today? It’s a lie we tell ourselves so we don’t go mad in this godforsaken crazy planet. We comfort ourselves so we could stay sane. We do it so we don’t lose hope or at least try to keep the little we have left. But guess what? it’s absolutely fine to do so. By feeding this lie we are trying to be a better person eventhough we do not need the clock to tell us when to start. We start not when people tell us to, that never works. We begin a change in us when it comes from within. With every new year we make tons of resolutions, some live up, most of us don’t. But we try to make it . And sometimes as we try  it just happens and we reach our goal.

I’ve made some resolutions too.
1. I want to work harder than ever. Earn a ton of money and travel the world. This time for real .
2. I want to lose the 10 kilos I’ve put on . Not because new year’s resolution tells me to because I don’t feel like myself anymore.

3. Try to be less on social media. I know my work requires me to be on it all the time. But I can take breaks. I haven’t been posting much lately. It’s definitely affecting my page and blog. But I need to be stable mentally to do anything and need my peace of mind. So if I have to loose a couple of followers in that process, then be it.

One thing you should remember. Don’t make impossible goals. If you make them , do them. They won’t just happen because it’s a new year. You got to work for it and you’ll see the results.
About the looks

I’m wearing these gorgeous outfits from a new designer boutique that opened in Chennai, kilpauk called Aquaab. I was so surprised to see the collection in there because I didn’t expect it to be so diverse and amazing. It has something for all age groups from Doodlage fulfilling our quirky cravings to gowns for weddings and parties.
A multi-designer luxurious boutique with more than 15 designers from Amazon Fashion Week & Lifestyle Fashion Week all in one place. This store is by Ms. Fareeda Khan. You can even check out their website to find out more. www.aquaab.in. 

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