Purple rain.


Ultraviolet. The Pantone color of the year 2018. Ever year Pantone comes up with color of the year and this time they’ve gone for the above and beyond. Some say this is a very futuristic color , a few call it mysterious and a color that intrigues of things that lie ahead, the vast and limitless. And to be honest a lot of people just don’t get the whole color of year concept. But even if you don’t care you’ll be seeing a lot of it this year. Not just in fashion but interiors, food , art and what not.
I personally love the color. I find the color magical and provoking at the same time. A color a few might find too bold to try and those who do might just make heads turn.

Fashion has a lot to do with psychology. Even if you don’t like something or you’ve never really been into it, fashion through social media has a way of seeping into your mind and making you want that. You’ll probably start seeing everyone wear that particular style of dress or just that color. For example: ultraviolet. And then you just see it everywhere. At least I do. I see this color everywhere I go now. Right now just sitting in my bed and writing this I spotted 3 different things in my room that are purple/ ultraviolet. So you like it or not it’s coming for you.

Well, just liking the color is not the only thing . How to wear it is something we should know as well. Even if you don’t prefer it a few pictures down below and pointers can help you carry off the color beautifully.

1. You don’t have to bathe in this color. Do not overdo it. Keep it minimal. It goes a long way.

2. Try to mix and match the color with different colors of your liking. Shades of Yellow, pink, magenta, red, mustard are few colors that go really well with ultraviolet. ( Shade cards for reference given below)

3. Try to experiment with ultraviolet makeup. Probably just the lips or the eyes. They look amazing for a concert or just a night out.

4. You don’t have to wear the exact ultraviolet shade. You can go for different tones like I did for a deeper purple . Try going dark or light according to your preference. After all that’s what fashion is all about making the rules yourself.

5. Have fun with it. If you’re not comfortable it’s definitely going to show . So change it up accordingly.

I’m wearing

Dress from House of kilti
Shoes from feel20

Location: Tata Housing, Chennai.

*P.S: swatches and pictures taken from pantone and Google*.

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