Amoretella x Simply Moda


I recently got the chance to visit this store called Amoretella in Chennai, Poes garden. It’s a designer boutique which offers it’s customers with some of the best from all around India. And I’m just not saying it, I had the chance to experience it first hand. They not only have a wide variety of Western but I was left in awe with their Indian collection. No, they may not have your typical Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi, but one of a kind brands like Mati, Akaaro, Mint blush ( lenhenga worn by me) are just a few out of many you can find there. While their Western brands don’t disappoint either. Doodlage, 5 cross Ajit Kumar, Miuniku ( All worn by me) had pieces you wouldn’t have seen before. Along with jewelry by Razia Kunj that’s contemporary and colorful at the same time very reasonable. After experiencing Amortella I can confidently say that it will fulfill all your needs and it’s a one stop shop for all your outfit cravings. So make sure to check it out soon.

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