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13th May 2014, is when it all started. I was sitting in my mom’s room and trying to figure out my next step in life. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do and blogging in India at that point of time was fairly a new concept. I was surprised that I was even considering it since I was an introvert. I was so shy and couldn’t talk in front of a crowd let alone showcase my style on the internet and slowly be judged for it. What really made me go for blogging was my determination to get over the fear of being judged or talking to people. And on that day was the birth of “SIMPLY MODA” a blog I didn’t start because I wanted to make a business out of it, but making that decision has got to be the turning point in my life.

My interest in fashion was like every other girl. I loved shopping and reading fashion magazines and my sense of style was something I got from my mom. I was her personal little doll since I was born and she used to dress me up in the most beautiful clothes. And that’s how I got into it all. In college, we had to intern and I started interning with The New Indian Express and started writing the fashion and lifestyle column there. And one fine day I was interviewing someone from a very big luxury brand over the phone and once I was done with that I told myself,”One day, I will be interviewed and not the interviewee”. And guess what? I made that happen. I’ve been interviewed over 100 times since then and I can’t be grateful enough.

A few questions I often get about blogging:

1.How do you start blogging? Is there something you need to study for it?

Don’t wait for anything. Just make a WordPress and social media account and start writing. You don’t need a to study something special to become a fashion blogger. But you obviously need to know your stuff and know that research can take you a long way. Google about the latest trends or information about fashion and you’re good to go.
2. When do you start earning through a blog?

Don’t expect to start earning overnight and do not get into blogging just with a mindset of making money. It doesn’t happen for everyone and might take a bit time. The competition out there is really big so make sure to bring out something special from your side. You’ll eventually start earning.

3. Is blogging just dressing up and taking pictures?

No, and yes. Dressing up and taking pictures is a big part of fashion blogging, but a lot goes into it. Deciding your look, the location, the right photographer. Waking up at 4 in the morning to shoot not because you’re being paid for it because you love doing it. Not a lot of people have the patience to go through this process.

4. When do you start charging?

It’s good to get some experience first and start with barter but even if you have a 1000 followers you can start charging. PR companies might offer you clothes and products but don’t fall for it all the time. Ask for money because you worked for it.

5. Do you have to register or become a member somewhere before starting a blog?

Nothing of that sort. Just start like I mentioned in point number 1 and you’re good to go.

6. Do you have to be in the pictures if you start a blog/

It’s always better to be in it because your audience relate and connect with you more. But if you’re not comfortable you can always get a friend or review fashion styles.

7.. How to not lose it?

So this is for all the impatient people who start a blog just because they think it’s easy money and that they can buy followers and nobody would find out. Like I said it’s not easy to earn in the beginning, but if you keep doing and pushing your limits you’ll definitely get there. It might take 6 months, a year or more than that make sure you keep doing it and not lose hope.

I hope these pointers help you start on your own. There will come a lot of difficulties, but if you’re truly interested they won’t matter. There will come a time when you start comparing yourself to the other bloggers, or just don’t see the progress you thought you’ll get. But try not to give up. Give it another 6 months and if it still doesn’t work for you and you think you got to move on then do that. If not try again and again :).

Sharing a few pictures of my journey and how it all began:

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