World environment day with Pepperfry


On the occasion of World Environment Day, I was lucky enough to learn a lot more about it. Pepperfry studios are India’s leading Furniture and Home products marketplace, offering customers an unparalleled selection of amazingly priced home products and a consistently great shopping experience. The studio gave me an opportunity to visit their store in Chennai and learn about living a zero- waste life and beating plastic pollution. The employees of Pepperfry conducted this event in 7 cities and Chennai was one of them. We had Roopika Jayaram an origamist present there to show us how to be sustainable at home. We had workshops on origami and how a piece of old newspaper or a restaurant menu card can be turned into a beautiful origami piece and be made into a decorative item for your home. These activities were open to all at the studios and we were given knowledge about how a small step can make a big change. For example; not using plastic straws, going for paper and cloth bags instead of plastic. These small changes can make a huge difference. Pepperfry is even auctioning some of the art pieces made by these artists from all over India and these pieces will be showcased in the studios for a week.

Ashish Shah the founder and COO of Pepperfry believes in promoting sustainable living for the betterment of the environment and says that, “sustainability has always been on the forefront and we are focused on contributing towards positively impacting the environment through various initiatives.”

I’m definitely doing my part and so should you. So make sure you change a small thing every day and make the world a better place one step at a time.

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