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I was recently invited by Himalaya Personal Care, India to the Naturals Lounge to try out their range of Anti- Hairfall products. I was personally very excited about this as I’m currently dealing with crazy amount of hair fall due to my hair colour.

I coloured my hair 3 times last year which led to a lot of hair fall, breakage and dryness. So guess this event was really all that I needed.

I took up the Anti- Hair fall range, as they took me through every step of it.

Step -1. Himalaya Anti-Hair fall Oil –
This was my most favourite step. First reason being, I got an amazing head massage. The other being the oil itself. Because, I barely oil my hair which I know is not very good, but I do it at every chance I get. The oil in this range is enriched with the goodness of Bhringraja and Amalaki ( flowers and fruits) that help strengthen the roots and prevent hair fall. With the added benefit of feeling extremely relaxed post a massage with this oil.

Step-2. Himalaya Anti-Hair fall Shampoo –
After the amazing head message it was time to try the shampoo. This had an ayurvedic composition of Bhringraja and Butea Frondosa (also known as the sacred tree) that helps reduce hair fall that occurs due to breakage and improves hair texture.

Step-3. Himalaya Anti-Hair fall Conditioner –
This had the goodness of 3 amazing components along with the two mentioned earlier – Butea Frondosa and Bhringraja. It also contains chickpea that nourishes your hair and helps prevent excess hair fall, leaving your hair soft and silky.

Step-4. Himalaya Anti-Hair fall Cream

And this was the last step.
I took a pea size amount of this product and used it as a leave-in product. For it helps in preventing hair fall and strengthening hair follicles.
(NOTE: Using a lot of it can make your hair look oily. Just take a small amount and you’ll be good to go)
I’ve been using these products twice a week and I definitely intend to continue doing so. Today, my hair feels softer and I can see that my hair fall and breakage has considerably reduced. It gets better with every use. This range is definitely Simply Moda approved. Do try it yourself.


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