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For a person who has struggled with acne for 11 years now, I can finally say that I’ve learnt to deal with it. There were times when you could see more acne on my face than my face itself. Two drastic changes I saw in my body were right after I got my periods.
1. How quickly I put on weight.
2. Being bombarded with acne.
And the two have been a constant battle since. But today I’m here to talk about acne.
I’ve had oily skin all my life which recently went dry now leading to combination skin, so I’m going to tell you about skin care for all types of skin since I’ve dealt with all.
Starting with Oily: Our hormones affect our oil production on our skin. That’s why most of the people breakout when you’re about to get your periods since your hormone levels change.
Oily skin is prone to acne, blackheads, open pores and it can be daunting because no matter where you are you always have a shiny t-zone and clogged pores, and if you don’t wash your face at least 2-3 times a day, you get more acne.
Few things that I’ve done for oily skin:
1. I used to visit the dermatologist once every month who’d put me on strong medication to control my hormones which did help me get rid of acne even when I was off the drug for almost 1.5 years. (Going to a dermatologist is a good way to deal with acne because there are a lot of reasons you can get it. So make sure before you use anything intense on your face you ask your doctor)
2. Use an oil control facewash along with an acne control face wash. I’ve used these in the past: Himalaya neem face wash, Seba med (recommended by my doctor) its safe to be used by all. Neutrogena oil control and acne control face washes. They all work well.
3. Use a toner it helps to clean your face thoroughly and control oil as well. I’ve used rose water (that’s very mild but natural and safe), Neutrogena, The Ordinary ( An international brand) this toner had a percentage of glycolic acid which dried out my skin more than expected ( will talk more about it a little later in this post).
4. Do not forget to moisturise. But make sure it does not clog your pores and lead to more acne. It has happened to me. Make sure you go for a water-based moisturiser. Do not use oils on your face. That is a big no-no. I used to use bio oil on my body and face, while it worked beautifully on my body my face suffered. I had a line of acne on my face starting from my jawline all the way to my forehead. I had to stop it as soon as I started breaking out.
5. DO NOT forget a sunscreen. My doctor asked me to wear it even at home since the UV rays from your electronics affect you more than the rays of the sun does.
So this has been my skincare for almost 11 years with a lot of homemade face packs etc. I would recommend you to try out the brand called @sugarmylove ( trust me they’ve not paid me to do this). They make some fantastic face packs. My all-time favourite is the charcoal one for acne. I’ve seen acne disappear overnight like magic.

Now coming to how I suddenly landed with dry skin which was another crazy experience. We all think the grass is greener on the other side and when I had oily skin I hoped it turned dry and when it did I was balling my eyes out. My skin got so dry and flakey they I wanted to scratch every inch of my face. I dumped heaps and heaps of moisturiser on my face to cool it down. It was a nightmare I wouldn’t want to live again. But I’m not sure what went wrong. I don’t think it was a product I was using probably my hormones acting up.

But the reason I shared this was that it started the series of combination skin a couple of months later.

In May I had the worse skin ever. My face was covered with acne. I was using a couple of new products at that point, and this is a fact: when you start using new products you might break out a bit because you’re skin is getting used to the products but it shouldn’t break you out like crazy. The products I was using were from the international brand called: “The Ordinary”. These products are hard chemicals that you get at affordable prices. Like glycolic acid, zinc, salicylic acid in a small percentage. I would give these products a 5/10. Even though they work for most of the people I did break out a lot because of it. I used about three different solutions, but right now I’m just using one that helps me with blemishes and acne scars it’s called Alpha Arbutin. I would comment on this only after a month or so need to test it out a bit more.

Now coming to the last type of skin and the type I have at present.

Combination skin: My skin care right now is as follows:
1) I wash my face with the Himalayan Aloe vera moisturising face wash. It’s perfect for combination and dry skin.
2) After which I use the Clinique 72 hour auto repair moisturising surge.
3) Followed by Neutrogena sunscreen.
4) At night I repeat step1 and then use the Clinique clarifying lotion for dry skin followed by step 2.
3) Post which I apply my eye cream by Clinique and an anti-blemish cream by the same brand. I’ve just started using it so can’t comment so soon.
4) I follow it up with the ordinary Alpha Arbutin
5) And I never forget my lip balm. I’m using the strawberry flavoured one from the Body Shop
6) I follow this up with aloe vera gel and pure coconut oil on my legs and hands and finally call it a night.

So this was my skincare regime and struggle. We all have our own, and you need to find the one that works for you. It can be frustrating to get it right but once you do your skin will glow and look happy. I promise you that.

A few things, always have a balanced diet and drink water. If the wrong food is going in your body, it will mess your system up no matter what you apply.
Be patient; you won’t see results overnight it will take a couple of months.
Another reason to get acne could be hormone imbalance so do go to a dermatologist before starting anything.

P.S: None of the brands I’ve mentioned above is paying me. It’s my honest and sincere opinion.

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