About Me

I’m nothing but a crazy dramatic girl who wanted an excuse to shop a little more. And hence, the blog. I never really made a plan of what I would like to become when I grow up like the others did.  Mine changed everyday.  But after I wanted to become a doctor,  dancer, comedian, journalist( which I did for 2 years) I landed up doing and getting out the best in me through my fashion side. So decided to study fashion styling and communication from FAD International, Pune. And now I’m back to my hometown Chennai. Where I’m really excited to make a mark.

Currently I work as a full time blogger and a celebrity/ personal stylist here and there.

My moto is to keep your style simple and wear whatever you want to.

I’m a sucker for Romantic movies and love eating and sleeping. And I’m at a constant war with my weight.

A crazy punjabi who does crazy things.  :)